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Shark Angels
Shark Angels

Clear Fin is proud to announce a partnership with Shark Angels where our company will donate a portion of specific branded sales to Shark Angels. Working with an organization as incredible as this group is truly a leap in the right direction to help inform people of this serious problem. View Polos

With a deep concern for our oceans and the sharks that live in them, the name Clear Fin was born, to stand for a public recognition of the need to respect our oceans and stop the decimation of our world's shark population by the cruel practice of shark finning. Armed with a determination to stop the path to extinction to which sharks seem to be inextricably bound, Clear Fin has already established itself as being a company with a conscience, which is why we partnered with Shark Angels. This group has worked tirelessly over the years to help raise awareness for this cause. For more information on Shark Angels or to donate please visit