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The Story

Vincent Senerchia

Why I Love What I Do

I started Clear Fin Clothing in my Curry College (Milton, MA) dorm room with the idea that people deserve high quality sport polos without putting a major dent in their bank accounts. Starting a company has always been a passion of mine, especially a sportswear apparel company. My vision for Clear Fin is to become a well established brand in the apparel industry, as well as help raise awareness for saving sharks and the oceans.

Too often I hear about the inhumane killing of sharks. I firmly believe sharks are essential for the healthy continuation of our oceans. Why try to destroy a species that has been around since the dinosaur age? I believe more people should be aware of this severe problem and help protect the sharks.

With that being said, Clear Fin has partnered with, a leading shark advocacy with brand presence around the world. Clear Fin will assist in future events Sharkangels conducts as well as donate a portion of our sales to their organization. Since the birth of my company, my passion has always been to help others and provide an opportunity for others to be heard. By purchasing any of our products, customers are inadvertently helping protect our oceans and the sharks.

Every day I face perplexed tasks to grow my company, but it is those challenges that make what I am striving after more enjoyable and rewarding in the end. Everyone can create positive change in the world every day; I want to help support that message as clearly possible. My brand is meant to stand as a clear symbol of providing exceptional products for an even better cause. I invite you all to share my passion and help grow the Clear Fin brand!

Vincent Senerchia
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